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"Of Continued Participation in The Development of Papua New Guinea Through Surveying ,This month, February 2024"

Extended Vision, 60 Years and Beyond:

This month, February, 2024, marks 60 years of our continued surveying operations and the partnership in the development of PNG. We will strive and continue to become the partner of choice in the surveying and construction sector and to be recognized as its preferred employer, fostering a culture of integrity, service excellence, high safety standards, performance, social responsibility, passion and innovation.



To deliver quality and cost-effective service to our clients in a manner that exceeds expectations. To assure our clients of our safety, personal attention and professionalism at all times.



We value services accomplishment excellence.

We uphold integrity towards out clients.

We strive to consistently maintain high safety standards at our clients sites.

We value long term partnership with our clients.

We strive to deliver quality service to our clients.






Arman Larmer's Registered Surveyors perform the casdastral survey to subdivide land into parcels for ownership under a land title and to re-establish bounderies of previously surveyed properties to determine the physical extent of ownership or to facilitate the transfer of property title. Major developments and re-developments in towns and cities in PNG has been carried out by ALS. Given the importance of these projects, ALS has surpassed expectations in these areas by project stakeholders.


Global Positioning Systems or GPS are used to find the exact location of things. Geographic Information Systems or GIS are used to record information onto maps. Both GPS and GIS are useful in managing land in high resource areas in PNG. Arman Larmer has the capability to use this service wherever required. The services has been fully deployed in the LNG Projects of the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea since the inception of the PNG LNG Project in Hela Province

Precision Engineering.jpg

At ALS, we define the Precision Engineering and Construction setout as very important in structural construction with giving our clients the exact physical location for the structure setup. It is always a good idea to involve precision works land surveying in your construction set out. This where ALS can come in with its expertise and the technique has been deployed in Hides LNG Conditioning plant, Lihir new Flotation Plant, Ball Mill and Sag Mill and Exxon Mobil EPC Projects in Hides LNG, Papua New Guinea



Arman Larmer's presence and blue print in the mining and petroleum exploration sector has been there since the inception of the Ok Tedi and Porgera JV in the early 80's and early 90's. This followed through with other awarded projects in the Hides LNG Projects, Kutubu Oil and other new mines like Lihir, Simberi, Hiden Valley and Wafi Golpu. ALS value clients in these extractive industries and have a high safety standards throughout its projects.


There are various methologies used nowadays, to carry out a hydrographic survey, depending on the end use of the survey and the size of the area to be surveyed. Vertical depth measurement and Horizontal position fixing measurement are two methods Arman Larmer has the skills and the technical know how to pursue such survey inclusive of the appropriate tools as well. ALS has partnered with Mapping and Hydrographic Pty Ltd of Brisbane to carry out Hydrographic surveys in PNG. PNG Maritime and Safety Service has been one of its biggest client in this area offloading Light House Projects to ALS.


Geodetic surveys involve such extensive areas that allowance must be made for the earth's curvative. Baseline measurements for classified triangulation (the basic survey method that consist of accurately measuring a base line and computing other locations by angle measurement) are therefore reduced to sea-level length. At Arman Larmer, this surveying techniques has been used extensively in mining and LNG Projects through out its survey history in Papua New Guinea.

Collecting of data and preparing maps showing the location of natural man-made features and elevations of points to the ground for multiple uses. Here at Arman Larmer, we associate our specialist surveyors with varieties of survey and, Topographic surveying is one of them and we pride ourselves in carrying out Topographic surveys for long and narrow projects associated with Civil Engineering Projects, like the Highlands Highway, PNG LNG Pipelines layouts, and the Hides Transmission Lines. ALS has been carrying out Topographic surveys in most of its projects through Papua New Guinea.

LIDAR Imagery.jpg

With more and more projects relying on geospatial data, laser scanning has become one of the most popular surveying method. ALS has the experience and capacity to carry such survey method. The Laser Scanning method is widely used in the gas and mining projects by ALS Surveys and its continues to do so now. Examples of projects that Mobile Laser Scanning have been vastly used, the Hides LNG Project, Kutubu Oil Projects, Ok Tedi new Crusher Projects and many more. This technique has been widely used and ALS Surveyors will continue to deploy that.


Arial imagery provides a record of the earth at an instant in time and is relied on by all organizations that manage or interact with the natural and built environment. Arial imagery provides a common language to help communicate complex concept or problems to developers, planners, decision makers and society at large. ALS drew alliance with AAM to do LIDAR IMAGERY survey in the Hides Gas Project. ALS also partnered with Trains Wonderland Air Limited, Cairns, Australia to carry LiDAR and Imagery Surveys in PNG. This has pretty much build the experience of the Survey Team at ALS

Tinaroo Dam.1.png


Arman Larmer Surveys is the largest survey company and has operated in Papua New Guinea since 1965 and practices in the fields of Land Surveying, Engineering, Mining & Petroleum Exploration, Geodetic, Hydrographic Surveying, GPS surveys, Topographic, Construction Set out, data base management, Geographic Information Systems, Town Planning and subdivision development Surveys.


It has a certificate of Compliance from the PNG Surveyors Board as required under Sub Section 1 of Section 40 of the Survey Act (Chapter 95).


The company currently employs 42 permanent staff, including Professional Surveyors, GPS and GIS specialist, Project Managers, Accounting and support staff, operating from a central office based in Port Moresby with a network of site offices located throughout the country.

Arman Larmer Surveys is Papua New Guinea’s leading surveying consultant firm and is able to resource the largest of projects. We have permanent survey staff of 42 personnel and are capability of deploying 10 survey teams in the field at any one time. Our survey teams are under the control of experienced 

Registered and Engineering Surveyors, all equipped with electronic Total Stations and laptop computers for surveys away from Port Moresby.           

Senior Advisors;    Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd have the services of three (3) very Senior Surveyors as Senior Advisors in the fields of General Business Management (Finance), Large Project Management and Geodetic Advisor on GPS and LIDAR Surveys. We have the capacity to mobilize technical expertise from outside of PNG to meet Clients specific project requirements.  


The data reduction, plan preparation and final output are completed for all projects in Port Moresby or on site where this is required.  The office operates both Geocomp upgraded to Terramodel software, 12D, Magnet and Civil CAD software for surveying and engineering projects, AutoCAD 2019 is utilized for drafting, MapInfo is engaged for GIS projects, and Reliance for GPS surveys for GIS, Winprism for GPS control surveys, and various other office software is available for office management.


The firm has 6 desktop computers,17 laptops, 1 plotter, associated printers and an A0 Digitiser on an ITC network with a 8TB NAS Storage and a MS File Server with full internet access and email service. The company employs specialist personnel for developing and maintaining its existing computer software and implementing the latest software developments as they occur, for the benefit of its clients.


All staff are predominantly locally trained and have received specialized instruction in the use of the firm's equipment and software. We are confident of producing a quality product to meet our client’s requirement in a short time frame.


Locations of where the Company is based in PNG. Arman Larmer Surveys Limited operates from a central office based in Port Moresby with a network of site offices located throughout the country on projects base away from Port Moresby.


Our staff consists of eleven (11) senior surveyors, one (2) trainee surveyor, 14 chainmen, (1) Draftsman/ Cad Operator, six (6) administration staff. We also engage sub contract surveyors and chainmen if the need arises.


All our Surveyors have Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Surveying from the PNG University of Technology in Lae and 1 with Bachelor & Post Graduate Diploma in Surveying Practice from QUT 

Australia. They are members of the Association of Surveyors of PNG. Our Registered Surveyors are certified by the PNG Surveyors Board and are authorized to practice as Registered Surveyors under Section 21 of the Survey Act 1969.


Arman Larmer Surveys Limited (ALSL) has extensive experience with field data capture, compilation and mapping of the subdivision projects in PNG. The ALSL personnel are both technically skilled and have been involved with a number of field investigation surveys and mapping in all the Provinces of PNG since 1965.



Year Established


Projects Completed


Contractors Appointed


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For any inquiries or questions, please call: +675 325 3262 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Section 112, Allotment 1,

Cnr Tau Street & Spoonbill Drive,

Poreporena Freeway, Erima.

Tel: +675 325 0991

       +675 325 3807

        +675 325 3262

Fax: +675 325 9474


To apply for a job with Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: +675 325 0991

Management Team

Masang ALS.jpg

Masang Bangindo


Registered Surveyor.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.

Post Graduate Diploma, QUT, Australia.

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KR 2024.jpg

Kila Ranu


Registered Surveyor.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.

  • LinkedIn
Gabby ALS.jpg

Gabriel Pamel

Senior Surveyor.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.


Gairo Wari


Senior Surveyor & Deputy Chairman

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.

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Meet The Survey Team

Raymond Wartir.jpg

Raymond Wartir

Senior Survey.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.

  • LinkedIn

Sam Tabua

Senior Surveyor.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying,

University of Technology, Lae, PNG.

  • LinkedIn

George Nicholas

Senior Survey.

Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG.


Joseph Obaha


Diploma of Surveying, North Metropolitan Tafe, Perth, Australia


Kailo Rakatani


Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG

  • LinkedIn

Busina Vaburi


Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG

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Blank Pictures.png

Arua Maba


Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG

  • LinkedIn

John Bosco


Bachelor's Degree in Surveying, University of Technology, Lae, PNG

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